ONCE IN A BLUE LIFE - David Ishaya Osu

Once in a Blue Life

With nine poems, two flash memoirs and twenty-one street photographs, David Ishaya Osu elongates the fabrics of everyday human acts in correspondence with the environment—both built and natural. Once in a Blue Life is a cross between multiple dynamics of locomotion and stillness. A hybridisation of colours and cultures, behaviours and machineries, this collection renders love and empathy in several lights. The poems and prose pieces in this collection are motion pictures, the same way each image unveils different layers of time, place and people.

When I'm Eighteen

When I'm Eighteen

When I'm Eighteen is a collection of eighteen (18) poems exploring multiple reaches of psyche, place and purpose over time. A collection on an exploratory streak, each poem buzzes through gaps between memories—known and unknown. On this journey, the poet plays and the poem plays without restraint: cycles and bicycle, dreams and rainbow, candles and cake, maths and mangoes. When I'm Eighteen climaxes with a declarative and happy gasp: ‘it was from my mother's / mouth i first saw a kiss.’